August 1.

How one day will change my life.

I am two months from my 23rd birthday and I am learning how to budget. Currently my small group is going through the Financial Peace course with Dave Ramsey. I took the course when I was in High School but never really did anything with it. I have been historically terrible with two things: money and women. One of the nuggets from the course is a truth that Dave covers in the beginning of the course.

“People that don’t pay attention to their money tend to waste it.”

That truth triggered a reaction in my heart. I found myself thinking, “wellll I don’t pay attention to my money. Sooo yeah I’ve been wasting it.” I have loans to pay and I can’t afford to waste money. So, over the course of this summer I have gotten help with budgeting my money.

In the same way that money is wasted when we do not pay attention to it, I believe that time is wasted when we do not diligently audit how we spend it. I believe that I have a debt to my Creator to be productive with the time that I have left. Three words that have motivated me to budget my time and money are, “you’re gonna die.” And as a Christian I believe I will be accountable for what I do while I am here.

I am a couple short months from another birthday and I am tired of wasting time and being enslaved to debt. So starting August 1st I am dedicating my time to my Creator and spending my time and money with intention for the church now and the coming kingdom.