I’ve been listening to a lot of information in podcasts about the aging up of attention on social media. Let me explain. Four years ago, when I was 18, the only social media I was involved in was Facebook. Facebook was simple. All of my friends had Facebook and we all put up our own pictures, stories, and statuses. I did not get a smart phone until this fall. 2015. So I obviously had no presence on Instagram or Snapchat.

As of right now Snapchat is killing it with teens and young 20–25 year-olds. Instagram has the attention of every 20–35 year old. There is obviously overlap between these platforms and of Facebook as well. But we are seeing a mass exodus of Under 30 year olds away from Facebook. Why? why has the attention shifted? Its a fact. The attention has shifted. But why?

The answer came to me, as most truths do, while I was in the shower. Light bulb. I know. Curation v.s. Creation. The difference between what Facebook was and what it is now is the curation and creation. Old people never post original stuff. They only post kid pics, political pics, or cat videos. They don’t create their own content. We, 18–35 year olds, don’t want to see how cute your aunt’s cousin’s ex-girlfriends puppy is. And 1 “like” does not equal 1 “respect.”

We value creation. And especially authentic creation. Daily vlogging has come to popular attention with Casey Neistat’s viral NYC Snowboarding video. Creating a story or a picture or sharing a real moment about your day or your life or something real is what will connect with the 18–35s.

So if you are a business trying to sell stuff, then you should tell real stories. And connect.

What do you think? What social media do you use the most? When was the last time you clicked a banner ad and bought from that site?