Science is dead. Long live Trump.

Are we heading into a new culture war?

Humans evolved? Stupid liberal snowflake!

This is a problem. Ideological contentions in America, which have traditionally manifested in rote moral and political differences, have spread to the empirical realm, as new data from Pew Research Center shows. We’re hearing the death rattle of logic and common sense in real time.

When one person can accuse another of “liberal bias” for saying that climate change is real (a fact), or that fracking causes pollution (a fact), no amount of data, research or reasoning will get them to see the world as it is. It will only entrench their view of the world as they believe it to be.

Is this a recipe for cultural war? The Trump age is neutering the democratic power of rationality and critical thinking. Education and open-mindedness are bankrupt liberal institutions. How deep down the rabbit hole will the Red Hats take us before weapons finally replace words as the currency of democratic debate?