T3DD16: August 31

With my fellow Dutch people Bram, Ruud and Helma we arrived a bit overheated in Nuremberg after our trip from Venlo this afternoon. The forecast is awesome for the coming days. Luckily not as hot as the previous year where temperatures reached almost 40 degrees.

The thousand years old Nuremberg castle was already brimming with activity hosting the Neos sprint/DevCamp and the TYPO3 Active Contributor Meeting the previous days. Cool fact is that the core team managed to push out TYPO3 version 8.3 just two days ago (New LTS version coming up in April of 2017). Nice to see that both projects are still in contact despite Neos going their own way splitting from the TYPO3 community last year.

Cool to see so many new faces and of course friends. A lot if catching up before the dev days really kick off.

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