T3DD16: Davy Roberts

Where Did You Meet TYPO3?

Davy to the left and a ton of Dutchies

Around 2006 I first worked with TYPO3 (started with 4.1.x) ,made some conversions from 3.8 and upgrades for our clients. Developed for a small company in the southern part of the Netherlands and everything ofcourse was pi-based. Nice was that we could do everything ourselves; from server-installation to maintaining, basing, styling, integration, setup, templating, backend and front end developing and so on except for designing. In those days you did everything for your customers yourselves from first contact until completion and training.

Nowadays this is quite impossible because of the wide variety of changes all-over on all levels; from css to responsive UX with sass and grunting, from ftp to DTAP, from pi-based to ext-based and so on… things have become much more interesting but consume a lot more development time. That’s why you nowadays have to make the decision more to be fronteer or back-ender. I still like the broad vision rather then being a specialist in one area.

Quite a fun job we have don’t we ;-) °o° 
Gotta love it!
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