TYPO3 Developer Days 2016

The 11th TYPO3 Developer Days are coming up from Thursday September 1 to Sunday September 4. You will all be looking forward to keynotes, lightning talks and session about your favorite CMS. Just like last year the weather forecast looks just perfect.

This will be your chance to ask all your dev related questions. (Almost)everyone will be there.
Helping Hands 2015

Besides all your dev stuff their will be a contest for best dressed dev, yoga sessions and we celebrate the return of the barista. Good coffee is what all devs need.

Watch this space for all info on what is going on:

  • What is your awesome TYPO3 thing?
  • When did you Meet TYPO3?
  • What is your biggest TYPO3 wish?
Be nice, be helpful, see you there!
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