Creator, Consumer

I attended a speech at CSUN behind the seated crowd and as we were listening to the speaker I had a thought. There are two kinds of people here.

Creators, Consumers.

Consumers listen, read, watch, and try to understand. They try to make sense of it all within their own perspective.

In that moment I was a consumer. I’m a consumer all the time. I’m a consumer as a college student, as a friend, as a little brother, as a son, as a dreamer, as a human being. Everyone is a consumer, it’s how we become experienced.

Creators use their experience as a resource to produce something meaningful. Why? Heck if I know. Leaving a legacy would be my first guess.

In this moment I am a creator, and I can’t begin to explain how satisfying that is. I write this to leave a positive impact on someone who will bother to read this far. I encourage you to consume with the goal of being a creator. Create an opportunity, a relationship, an idea, a new experience, whatever. At the very least, create a great day.


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