I Was a Men’s Rights Activist
As Told to MEL

I’m going to add my name under the column that is saying to you both “bull” and “shit,” sir, and in that order. You were never an MRA or you would know the first thing about what it stands for, and you may have mentioned one or two of those things, and how you came to no longer think those things were worth advocating for.

You would know that the movement is rife with women, ethnic minorities, people of all sexual orientations, trans-men, trans-women, you name it. But no, you ignore that and trot out the lie that it’s all about white male supremacy. Because you don’t know. Because this is one long, lying propaganda piece.

You would present its best arguments and cut them down with ease, having such intimate knowledge of them as a former MRA. But you don’t. Because you aren’t. All you say is, “Gender studies class and omg reeducation is wonderful.”

You are now and have been a feminist through and through, and god help us all, I’m willing to bet this is part of your thesis. But being in an “activist sociology” department (and you people wonder why real scientists look down at you), you know nobody will call you out on never having been an MRA because all anyone around you knows about them is “they’re not feminists.” Let me put this in your own ideology’s brand of “logic”: This dreamed-up, propagandist article is proof of why the MRM is needed.

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