The difference between Iaas, Paas, Baas and Saas

Ben Wang
Ben Wang
Nov 10, 2016 · 2 min read

It’s often confusing in the cloud computing world of all the x-aas terminologies. Lets get familiar with some of these terms and what they mean for cloud computing.

Iaas is the simplest cloud offering. It is the most close to the “metal” out of the terms. Iaas stands for Infrastructure as a service. Iaas sells products analogous to hardware like VMs, storage and data management servers. The most famous Amazon Web Service (AWS) offering in Iaas is EC2 (Elastic computing 2), S3 (Simple Storage Service), and RDS (Relational Database Service). Each of these products are charged by the hour.

Paas stands for Platform as a service. An AWS Paas service is Elastic Beanstalk. Paas gives developers some tools to manage their application such as CDNs, load balancing, easy deployment and testing. However, Paas still requires developers to build and setup the database, the business logic and the front-end client facing view.

Baas is Backend as a service. An example of a backend as a service provider is EasyDataManager (EDM). Baas’s offerings are basically plug and play services using APIs to a web or mobile developer’s application. EDM offers Email Services, and traditional mobile services such as User Managerment, and Reporting. Baas allows developers to solely focus on their front-end and user experience. It is made for start-ups to get an app up and running in no time.

Lastly, there is Saas, Software as a service. The most famous Saas right now is probably Slack. Slack is a software on the web, and mobile that offers a chat service along with file and chat room management features.

Now you understand the confusing language of the cloud world. you can explore more and understand how enterprise business fit into these 4-aas categories. They all are tools to enable developers to create better tech businesses. Knowing how much of the stack you want to manage is an important step in finding the right -aas for you.

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