How Discord Transformed an Industry

“The latest version of Skype is ready to install.” For regular Skype users that notification can instill a sense of dread. Wondering what this new “update” would break. Thankfully there is a much better option these days in Discord. Released two years ago and as of December 2016 Discord has over 25 million users.

I have used many different VOIP applications. These include Vent, Mumble, TeamSpeak and Skype. Discord completely changed the way I communicate online as it has solved a number of design issues that most VOIP software share. Some of those issues are staying connected to multiple servers, overly complicated settings, require a person to be connected via voice and not to mention all the bugs and stability issues that occur all too often.

Discord has solved all these issues for me. I have used the application for nearly two years and in that time have experienced less than one hour of downtime. Discord simplified the user interface that was shared by TeamSpeak, Mumble and Vent. With Discord you can see who is online, in voice chat and you can use text chat, all from the main server screen. The options menu is incredibly simple with a number of very useful features not found in other products. The most useful feature is the ability to connect third party accounts, to make finding friends easier.

Before Discord, you had to share your server address, the servers port number and password before you could connect. Discord simplified the process of joining a new server. Now all you have to do is share a short URL that could be used one time or set to be permanent.

Once you joined a server you couldn’t connect to or chat with other servers where you were a member. You had to leave the server and log into another just to see if anyone was online. With Discord I have joined over 10 different servers and I can jump in one and I am still able to look through and see who is online in every other server where I am a member.

Discord has changed the way I communicate with people online. They did this by making a lightweight, simple and easy to use interface, while adding more features and functionality than previous solutions. Discord is so integral to what I do online, that I cannot imagine what life was like without it.