Obama went to Hawaii many many times.
Gregory Craig

Our first Cultist has arrived! Listen, Cultist Brother Gregory Craig. The reason Trump’s trips are so much more expensive is because HOW he’s traveling and WITH WHOM.

Private jets, such as Air Force One, are not subject to market pressures which make flying to Hawaii significantly cheaper than Florida. In theory only the cost of fuel is different, and that isn’t all that much.

Obama, unlike Trump, flew to these locations with bare minimum of an entourage. Trump is burning through dollars because he can. His wife is spending time outside of the White House, costing additional security personnel. Trump is spending far too much time out of the White House as well, which also costs more in terms of security.

Keep blindly accepting the Cult Pronouncements, but you as well as anyone from Centrists to Liberals know the truth: you are clinging… you know that all the media can’t be lying (even Fox News is calling Trump out). You know it. But you desperately cling, just hoping. At some point you have to face reality: you voted for a WELL KNOWN scam artist.

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