Ben Werdmuller

CEO at @withknown, co-founder of @elgg, digital troublemaker. Also into social justice, food and adventure.

Forget the mass market: the untribe is the new normal.

There was one conversation I used to hate more than any other. I used to brace myself for it; grit my teeth in anticipation.

Building a high-growth startup with an open source product

Open source startups can be unicorns too.

Known is my second open source startup. I’ve spent over a decade…

Introducing Known Pro

The best way to reach your audience from a single platform

Today, we’re excited to introduce the world to Known Pro. With unlimited social…

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Time and Relative Dimension in Space.

I don’t know what to think. On one hand, Medium’s article format seemed like a strength. On the other hand, I suspect being able to share short pieces solves blank page syndrome for a lot of people. The effect feels a little bit like you’re passing around memos.

Medium’s design is always beautiful. It’s a shame you can’t post with only an image: the new stream would be great for editorial…

Being a human on the Internet

I just spent a couple of weeks back in the UK, partially to talk to universities and organizations about using Known, but mostly to reconnect with old, dearly…