The Gruntwork VPC module applied using Terragrunt and Terraform Cloud

At Gruntwork, we’re well known for our Terraform expertise, including our open source tools such as Terragrunt and Terratest, our book, Terraform: Up & Running, and our IaC Library that contains dozens of battle-tested Terraform modules to help you launch production-grade infrastructure in a fraction of the time it would otherwise take. Somewhat lesser known is the fact that Gruntwork is compatible with two popular HashiCorp products: Terraform Cloud (TFC) and Terraform Enterprise (TFE). You can use TFC & TFE to deploy modules from our infrastructure-as-code library directly from the UI. …

At Gruntwork, security is job zero. Our code is used in production environments by some of the most sensitive organizations in the world. Hundreds of customers depend on our ability to deliver reliable, secure, well documented infrastructure solutions so that they can sleep well at night and focus on delivering their vision. We take this responsibility seriously, and today we’re doubling down on our commitment by announcing Gruntwork Compliance for the CIS AWS Foundations Benchmark.

The AWS Foundations Benchmark is an objective, consensus-driven guideline for establishing secure infrastructure on AWS from the Center for Internet Security. Organizations of any size…

Ben Whaley

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