Brewing an Iconic Beer Brand from Scratch

Big Boom Sauce. Photo (and LHBCo website) by the amazing Top Hat

The big idea

The man, the myth, the legend.

Translating the man into the brand

Round one, not that far off.
If you don’t mock it up on a shirt, is it even a real design presentation?

The final brand

Great for using just about anywhere

The first beer

All types of type. Hand lettering second from the left by the amazing Haim Sharma
Some of the next round… getting closer. And, hey, flat can renders this time. Fun.
Driven to hold.. well.. anywhere
Beer icon. Another photo by the kickass team at Top Hat

More cans, more growth

The line up.
Buncha beers. Photo by Top Hat
Movin’ weight. Photo by Top Hat

Future beer and the hand-off

Care for another pint?

Here’s a growler to say goodbye. Photo by Top Hat

Building brands. VP at Known. Previously founding member Great Big Story. Creator of Lord Hobo Brewing Co. brand and can designs.