Understand some things take time. Probably the most frustrating and the one I’m having the most trouble dealing with, some things just take time to change. The bigger the product, the longer it might take. Find happiness in the small victories and understand that your product is never done.
Redesigning Chrome Desktop
Sebastien Gabriel

I think this is a common challenge that designers face when supporting projects with sustaining innovation goals. Investments and timelines are often incremental in these situations. The designer needs to continually evangelize the long-term vision, while supporting a phased exectution over multi-year timelines. Scope changes and implementation constraints can be very disappointing for a designer. Developing a continuous improvement mindset can provide an internal sense of satisfaction and bolster the grit to keep focused on the small details that add up to a better product. Focusing on product outcomes vs design throughput can also help sustain a designer through long development cycles because the goal becomes something far beyond the design deliverables.

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