A Bit More Magic Appears in the Universe

Ben Wrobel
Feb 27, 2018 · 3 min read

Every time I read an article in the leftist/socialist/independent magazine Current Affairs by Nathan J. Robinson, I want to jump with joy and scream to the world that this man is the truth. He is the real deal.

I just read another piece by him, “A Bit More Magic Disappears From The Universe”, and I had the same reaction. So this time I figured I would.

I don’t know why most people haven’t heard of Nathan J. Robinson, a PhD student at Harvard who founded a leftist magazine through Kickstarter in 2015. But I’m also not looking forward to the day when the inevitable New York Times profile catapults him into the spotlight and he’s forced to start taking a stand on more of-the-moment and less universal topics.

Robinson is the only political writer I know who can make you literally jump from your seat with joy and wonder. He’s a gift to our country from England, and thankfully we’ll have him around for decades because even though he writes like an elder statesman, he’s actually a wild-haired kid in his 20's.

I don’t actually agree with a lot of the stuff he says (he is quite literally a socialist), but that’s not the point. He writes at a deeper level that hits at basic human truths.

If you think the Pod Save America guys are smart and have wisdom to share about the world, just know that they are Hollywood fame whores whose shallow campaign-bro analysis pales in comparison to the stuff that Nathan J. Robinson and his team put out on a daily basis.

But, you say, Pod Save guys are funny. They’re approachable, even cute.

Well, have you read Nathan J. Robinson?!

You want funny? Read the funniest anonymously-run account on Twitter, the Current Affairs feed.

You want approachable? Well, did you grow up reading Busytown and always wondered what it had to say about the world? Check this out:

Or are you upset at the way your city is changing, but can’t quite put your finger on why?

You want cute? Well… do you want to read a meditation on “loving thy enemy” by an avowed socialist?

Do you want heartbreaking? Just… read this.

By the way, Nathan J. Robinson is the guy who cut together that Superbowl Dodge RAM commercial with a speech from MLK. So you’re probably already a fan.

Read and subscribe to Current Affairs. Follow Nathan J. Robinson. Do it for me.

Ben Wrobel

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Working with entrepreneurs who solve real-world problems at Village Capital. Formerly Center for American Progress and national NAACP.

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