Can you believe that next summer it will be twenty years since we were at Aston!

For most of us that means 20 years since your last Mansell’s balti, two decades since you last started an all day session at 11:00 down the Sack of Potatoes, 20 years since you were bobbing in your pinstripes at The Dome, and, categorically not long enough since the last time you had something to eat from Coffee and Cream.

Safe to say, it’s been a while.

With such a momentous anniversary it’s high time we all met up and reminisced about the good old days.

Step 1

Get a date booked.

Please use this doodle pool to specify dates you can make.
Please also share with other Astonions or Astonites whom you think might like to come along.

You have until Friday 13th October to complete this — after which time we will lock in a date and move to step 2.

Remember to complete Doodle Poll.

Step 2 — the plan

Details are top secret right now but rest assured that like any good punch party it will be £4 for boys and £3 for girls, will involve lots of hilarity, games and if you are lucky a spot of alcohol. And, for the avoidance of any doubt, will most definitely be rounded off with New York, New York!

I’m looking forward already!


Will take place in Birmingham?

It’s twenty years on and we still do not appear to have resolved this disgraceful gender discrimination, can that be corrected or I’m out.
Nope. It’s £4 boys and £3 girls. Always has been, always will be!
(Not sure what for yet — but we will get to that)

What’s the plan for accommodation?
Easy tiger — step 1 first — logistics to emerge after that.

Families or adults only?
Whilst it would be great to meet every ones offspring let’s keep this to adults only. Aston folk and partners. Personally speaking it will be a few years before my kids get to learn the delights of a brummy pub crawl!

Tell me about the format would you — I did MAS for goodness sake — I need structure!
Think along the lines of a pub crawl starting on campus and hitting broad street later on.

Can I wear fancy dress?
Sure. Go for it. Can’t say it’s mandatory but if lycra is now your thing do it!!

What’s the date?
Here’s the link to specify when you can make it

Remember you have until Oct 13th.