You don’t feel a little robbed at how competitive these finals could have been if Cleveland was…
Derek Bergen

No of course not. I agree that roster design is flawed. It’s just that I don’t think a better constructed roster would have a chance against these Golden State Warriors. I think the Warriors have perhaps the greatest constructed roster in NBA history; in terms of their talent and the era they play in.

Last years roster was just as poorly constructed (The trade 3 years ago for Mozgov seemed sufficient until the NBA turned on bigmen that couldn’t shoot, and Matthew Dellavedova was an accidental undrafted quality defender who learned to shoot).

My argument is that any roster that doesn’t have the talent Golden State has, which took a lot of good fortune and head office work, could be seen as flawed. So the next best thing, which has worked just fine in the Cavaliers’ situation is a win-now mode. Tons of franchises would love a shot at the Conference finals, let alone a shot at the juggernaut Warriors.

Minus the negativity about the weaker Eastern Conference, a lot of teams would take a 12–1 win/loss in the playoffs just about any year, even if it meant a sweep in the Finals.