In the previous post (part1) I tried to use docker-compose doing build and test in AzureDevOps. The app is a hello world web site written in elixir and phoenix.


The goal is to create a continuous deployment pipeline to deploy our web app to an app service in azure by using releases in elixir and a docker image.

My todo list is to create and config these services:

  1. Azure Container Registry
  2. Azure Postgres Sql Server
  3. Build & Push pipeline in AzureDevOps
  4. App service in Azure
  5. Deploy pipeline in AzureDevOps


First thing first, we need a container registry. It will be…

The Problem

Elixir is a new player in the market, and the tooling is not as comprehensive as the others like C# and Java. When I started learning Elixir, I had some questions like:

  • Where to host it?
  • How to build and test it in a CI style?
  • How to deploy it on Azure?

The immediate answer was to have a VM on Azure, but that's not an affordable solution. Fortunately, nowadays the main problem is solved by using docker for development and deployment. In this post, I will share a simple solution to using AzureDevOps for the CI part of the…

Behnam Yousefi

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