Cops are three times more likely to Kill Americans than mass shooters…When Will We Disarm the Police?

The tragic and untimely death of brother Alton Sterling proves once again that the biggest threat to the American population are not deranged gunmen influenced by radical Islam. The number one murderer of Americans is the police by a long shot. But this seems to be a subject that politicians and the mainstream media are indifferent to.

The mass shooting in Orlando once again brought the issue of gun access to the forefront of national debate. And indeed some valid points have been raised: background checks should be required for all gun purchases, individuals on no-fly lists should not be able to purchase guns, individuals with documented mental instability should not be able to purchase guns. I agree with all of these positions.

There are others that think that we should get rid of all guns completely. The argument is, there is no need for private citizens to have guns. I can think of one good reason people need guns: the Police. All over the country police have been exposed for shooting people without cause, planting evidence, and raping citizens. These are not isolated events. The murder of brother Alton Sterling is just the latest in a seemingly endless stream of police genocide.

Brother Alton Sterling Executed By The Police.

There have been several cases of high profile police murders in the the last year, none of these cases resulted in the convictions of any police officers. The lack of punishments or indictments only further emboldens officers to act as if they are above the law.

Yet the media and political leaders seem to only have the courage to condemn shootings by private citizens. I want to be clear, all murder is wrong and if we can prevent needless death we should do everything in our power to create more safety. But we can’t focus on one problem and completely ignore another. And right now as an American citizen you are three times more likely to be shot and killed by the police than by an independent “nut case”.

Requiring individuals to undergo psychological examinations to purchase a gun is reasonable. We must also require Police officers to undergo psychological examinations on a regular basis and after any accusation of excessive violence.

Some may argue that regular evaluations of police mental health will be expensive. You know what else is expensive? The needless loss of life. The multi-million dollars settlements that cities have to pay to the families of victims. The damage done to city infrastructure after another riotous reaction to a not guilty verdict for a police officer that we all saw murder someone on videotape.

If we ban assault rifles we must ban police officers from carrying them too. If we ban citizens with mental health issues from carrying guns we must evaluate police officers for mental health. If we disarm all citizens we must disarm the police too.

This is not a novel idea. There are several countries across the world where the police don’t carry guns. And guess what the police and citizens are safer in those countries. I have seen the President make public appeals to stop gun violence. I have seen him weep over innocent Americans killed in mass shootings, as he should.

I do wonder when our political leaders will have courage to call out the violence orchestrated by police? I wonder if I’ll get to see Congressional leaders conduct a sit in to force police reform? It doesn’t take any political courage to call out a deranged fundamentalist. It does take courage to say that police murder is an epidemic that must be stopped.