We’ve been through every phase with crypto — the hype, the letdown and other extremes.

Those who were strong believers in 2017 of the future of cryptocurrency have begun to have their downs as the hype died down. While the rise may be gradual, technologies in cryptocurrency continue to develop and it is important to remain educated in our evolving world. Even if you aren’t ready to invest in cryptocurrency, you can start investing for free in these books from your local library.

If terms like blockchain and smart contracts are still confusing to you, then take this summer to…

As the midterm elections have come and gone, voter fraud and suppression has continued to be an issue and hot topic item for Florida, Arizona, and Georgia. Claims and lawsuits are being dealt with in these crucial states as officials attempt to sort out the chaos. However, a preliminary test with mobile election system Voatz is trying to find a solution to these problems before they arise.

Voatz is looking to introduce blockchain technology into the voting process. Common misconceptions tends to tie blockchain and cryptocurrency together into one entity. As blockchain is simply the technology that allows cryptocurrency to…

Blockchain technology and cryptocurrency, though often used in conjunction, are not interchangeable entities. In fact, cryptocurrency could not exist without blockchain technology. Blockchain is, in simple terms, a public record of transactions. Though the exact individuals that comprise the transactions are encrypted, the public availability of the transaction makes it impossible to fake or alter the outcome, unlike, let’s say if you were trading stocks or futures trading. This secure, public ledger allows cryptocurrency to thrive because, though “online money” is not physically held, it cannot be faked or altered due to this system of checks.

As we become more…

OTC Markets, the market for stocks that don’t trade on U.S. exchanges, announced Tuesday a new compliance tool that they hope will make it easier to identify and analyze risk for small cap listed stocks.

The Small-Cap Listed Compliance Product analyzes listed stocks with market caps below $500 million and provides signals to compliance officers and broker-dealers to alert them to potential risks. This is an expansion of the compliance analytics products already available for OTC securities.

“These offerings have been very well-received in the compliance community, so what we’re trying to do is extend that onto the small cap…


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