A Farewell to GMOs

Ben Zoon
Mirror selfie fail

Last weekend I found myself tired and hungry after a long day of hiking. One glimpse of Chipotle left me powerless against the prospect of a loaded burrito worth of guilt-free gluttony. But then I noticed to my abject horror this sign prominently displayed on the window. I almost turned right around, but I figured meh, one GMO-free meal won’t kill me.

Yeah, yeah, I know, what’s so bad about this? Surely having no GMOs in my burrito can only be a good thing. A free plus! Why do I have to get so worked up about this?

In fact, as this 14 year old girl so eloquently explains (owning Kevin O’Leary in the process), why don’t we just require foods with GMOs to be labelled so consumers have the choice whether or not to consume them?

Kevin, come on man. She’s not trying to say GMOs should be banned, she just wants them labelled! What she doesn’t realize is that some concerns about food, such as cleanliness and nutrition content, are valid, while some, like GMOs, are not.

(For those who take issue with that last sentence, I would link you to the scientific studies and various sources verifying that GMOs cause exactly zero health effects. But you don’t read any of that scientific gibberish anyway. Why would you start now? Maybe there are real, undiscovered concerns out there, but I sure haven’t seen any.)

If we require foods to be specially labelled in response to a thoroughly debunked concern like GMOs, we are only forcing easily impressionable people to see the term GMOs everywhere and conclude that they must be bad. We also set a dangerous precedent of not thinking before we pass costly food labeling regulations which only make life more expensive and complicated.

So now Chipotle is going GMO-free, presumably trying to spearhead a trend. I hope trendiness does not include the trend of blatant ignorance of science and reason.

Folks! It’s time for a proper farewell to GMOs. Or at least to the fuss over them. Let’s not waste any more effort and energy on this unfounded cause.

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