Discounts for bulk purchases!

Be One
Be One
Sep 26, 2017 · 1 min read


Sadly, 84 hours of bonuses for everyone ended!

However, it does not mean we cannot meet the wishes of our investors at all!

You can still make a great deal with us :)

We announce discounts for bulk purchases! It means, if you purchase more than 1,999 B1 tokens, you have a bonus!

The full table of discounts is as follows:

Purchases starting with 4,000 B1 (US$2,000): 5%
4,000–9,999 B1 (US$2,000–4,999): 10%
10,000–19,999 B1 (US$5,000–9,999): 25%
20,000 and above (US$10,000+): 50%

Note: This discounts will be active until the end of the ICO!

We wish you good luck and successful investments!

Be One

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