A warning from Bill Gates, Elon Musk, and Stephen Hawking
Quincy Larson

I hear a whole lot of stating the obvious here. Technology is the future!

Who knows if automated cars will be the future? What if terrorists turn automated tractor-trailers into weapons of mass destruction? What if traffic accidents increase 2500% due to greed and lack of testing and due diligence? I don’t want to die from being hit by a robotic big rig. People can not like all or any of these things, and react, and some of them may not come to pass.

Even if they do, say taxicabs are automated in the future, who is to say Uber will be the one to profit? Take Microsoft, for example. Long the technological darling in people’s minds, and compare it to the history of Apple. Apple just generates cash hand over fist like no other company can at this point in time. What would you have said when Apple needed a loan from Microsoft so many years ago?

How about we think of the unplanned things that might occur, along with rah-rah yay team cheerleading, and stating guesses as inevitable?

Technology will be here in one way or another.

Presuming to know exactly how it will all work is fortune telling.

I work in technology and have for 20 years. I am an Internet engineer. I know very specific things about very specific technologies. And I know I can be replaced at any time. Saying people need to be more technologically savvy is not enough to future-proof them. It is, however, a guarantee of putting them into debt to train for something they can be replaced for tomorrow, making the investment monetarily, time-wise, and life-wise, Pollyanna-ish, if you make it all “The future will be just like so!”

People need to learn to adapt more than anything to a possible future that is both bleak, or better than expected. Then, you are good either way. Setting your mind in stone what is gonna happen, is both poor preparation, and weak exercise for your mind, if the goal is to be a well-rounded and happy human, no matter what happens.

And, what I just said is less bleak than “We will all be unemployed in the future, and robots will rule the world,” in any case.

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