If Heaven Were a Library

My mother always said that I had two angels sitting on my shoulders. One angel sat on my left, and kept a list of all the bad I brought to the world; one angel sat on my right and listed all the good I left behind. Now I am sitting here wondering, what if? What if at the end of your life, purgatory was a publisher.

Those of us who lived a life filled with good deeds and adventures would be sent to Heaven’s Grande Library. On the other side, those of us who pushed our suffering onto others would go down to the depths of Hell’s Depository of Doomy People. Each library is filled to peak with the stories of everyone who ever lived. So many stories untold would be documented so we could explore the lives of others for all eternity.

In a world packed with over seven billion people, don’t you ever wish you could see life from someone elses eyes? Endless oak shelves lined with books of other peoples lives, detailed by the angels on our shoulders.

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