Bike Tour Guides Are Underpaid

Because guiding is such an awesome job, tour leaders are hired with the assumption that they should be happy for just having such an awesome job (riding a bike in Europe!). That should make up for the less than reasonable pay they are offered. When the enthusiasm wears out, it’s hard to justify getting paid minimum wage for 12+ hrs a day of work even if you work at the World’s #1 active travel company on earth .

“Don’t pay leaders minimum wage, really undervalues them.” Former trip leader on

Is there something wrong with this picture? Not at all. The market is the market.

The experience you gain in such a multitasking job -often in a multicultural environment- is enormous. But minimum wage is not the way to have cheerful guides, a key ingredient in an escorted tour.

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This article by Beppe Salerno (myself), founder of Tourissimo, an Active Travel Company, has been edited for Medium. See the original article here.

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