In college I turned a paper due the second day of class, a Blank Page I might add. The only thing written was my name on the top left corner of the sheet.

I was able to proof that that sheet of paper was my biggest fear. Staring at nothing is scary, writers, creators, makers, designers, we all share that common fear.

However I have to say that I no longer have any fear to a blank page.


First off, remember this is Be Pro Tekk, there will be posts being reviews and experiences that entrepreneurs need to confirm if something is worth trying, buying, getting. …

By now everyone is talking about the new iOS and the new features that it will bring. Wether you are a fan or not you are talking about it and that is what marketing is about.

There is no such thing as bad publicity.

Every year since I was an Apple employee, I always listen to people critique and complain about the Products overprie and the features, and how they are behind times but then try to make changes to hasty and such. …

I’ll start by saying I have always tried to make my wife switch from her Android Galaxy phones to iPhones, she has an iPad Mini 1st Gen and loves it, but she always says she prefers her phones to be android.

As I am writing this it is from the iPad 5 while in Wi-Fi at home and the Galaxy is charging. The iPhone is being Auction in eBay and pretty soon the watch will be gone as well.

So here are the HUGE details on my change from iOS to the Samsung Galaxy S8.

My iPhone 6S is about two years old. The phone has been a warrior and a great device that has serve it’s main purposes, my social media manager tasks, communications, beta testing, developer functions and as an iPod, it was used extremely. …


Be Pro Tekk

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