I’ll start by saying I have always tried to make my wife switch from her Android Galaxy phones to iPhones, she has an iPad Mini 1st Gen and loves it, but she always says she prefers her phones to be android.

As I am writing this it is from the iPad 5 while in Wi-Fi at home and the Galaxy is charging. The iPhone is being Auction in eBay and pretty soon the watch will be gone as well.

So here are the HUGE details on my change from iOS to the Samsung Galaxy S8.

My iPhone 6S is about two years old. The phone has been a warrior and a great device that has serve it’s main purposes, my social media manager tasks, communications, beta testing, developer functions and as an iPod, it was used extremely.

That being said, I believe that even though I didn’t want to get locked in a financing option for 24 or 30 months to finance a phone, I truly needed a new device.

So an offered came up where I work, in which I could receive a discount and later I found out there as another type of discount that could be applied. I ended paying the total amount of $175 for a brand new Samsung Galaxy S8 at no commitment with my carrier. I already listed my iPhone in eBay and is currently moving forward, btw it is unlocked.

SO I’ve had an android for well over 24 hours. So here goes my:


The Samsung Galaxy S8 is the first Galaxy to change it looks since the Galaxy S3, not counting the Edge or the Active, Note nor even the Mega.

I got the plain S8 because the 8+ felt obscenely huge in my hands, and trust me I have big hands. The feel of the device is great and seems like a solid phone compare to the last three generations of iPhones. The 5s, 6s and now the 7s. Forget about the SE and the C gens.

The battery capacity is great, I no longer need task killers, juice defenders or anything of that sort because samsung took its time to make sure the phone extends its battery and I have complete control on the setup and functionality of the device. It is an amazing feeling to have.


I have to say that the video and resolution of the camera compared to my 6S, makes it look like a fisher price phone. (No offense Fisher Price.) I took a picture of my cat and comparing to the iPhone, which made it seem very realistic, this one made it seem commercial-like-pro ready to go and kill it.


I have to admit the phone is amazing in the sense that I am what they called a Power User, I am on the phone always multi-tasking and killing the battery, pushing the device to its limits.

I can be reading something, saving it to Pocket, then switching to Medium to like that so it gets posted on my other social netorks, receive the call from one of my amily mebers over Facebook Messenger, because now it is a family thing, while replying a whatapps message and all of a sudden looking for an asnwer, to the same question I answered yesterday at google. The phone doesn’t crash on me, doesn’t test my patience and I am able to keep on going.

So far right now, the Always On Screen functionality is great. I can see the notifications and I like who discreet they look. Minimalistic is something that I love and I care for greatly. The design and manufacturing of this device brings that to the table.


I am a musician and an audio engrineer by trade (Full Sail University), sound is extremly important. The phone brings AKG headphones which are great for music and movie. They are in-ear monitor type phones which fit nicely. Drawbacks of these is that for talking to people you hear more yourself than the person you are talking over the phone, and keep in my, this phone has HD Voice enable and Wi-Fi Calling if you decide to turn it on.

For talking I find myself going over to my Power Beats 2. Plus the AKG headphones cost $100 to replace. The beats cost me that much as well but I find them a little bit more verstaile.

Screen & Resolution

Short and Sweet, I LOVE HOW THIS LOOKS! Watching Netflix, Arrow, Flash, or anything like that here, looks great and extremely real. This is one of the best devices in HD screens I have seem. LG G6 is also a great device in that sense, but I’ll admit the Galaxy always takes it up a notch, pushing limits.


Galaxy created its own learning system/ AI/ for the S8. Bixby has it’s own button on the left side of the phone and it adds even more value to the camera providing you from one tap information about what you are taking a photo of or knows what is in the screen that should be on the photo.

I.e. I was shopping for a couple of things for my personal office. I wanted to compare prices wether it was best to buy them online or at the store. I wanted to go to the Amazon app directly, as I always used to do this with my iPhone. But Bixby is new and I wanted to try it out.

I just pointed the camera at the item and I got to see So many items at once, was extremely impressed with not only amazon, but other retailers appear In the location.

Plus I get Summary of my day and reminders more intelliently than the iPhone in that sense.


Ever since the iPhone 4S there hasn’t simply been an update that we can go nuts. The 4S brought:

  • 1080p Video recording
  • Siri
  • HSPA+ Celullar network
  • Better camera overhaul
  • An iOS that challenge the system by enabling to sideload new content directly apps. MKV files into VLC, anyone?

Every year, the only thing adding to the phone is better camera, better battery, sorry “better baterry” and faster processor for graphics. We no longer have technology analog headphone technology which has been a standar for over 100 years, and I do understand the reason behind it, however, I still love analog things in a digital world that seems to be corrupting everything.

For now, I’ll stick with the Galaxy S8 for many reasons but mainly, because I am out of a contract, and I can switch back if I need to.

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