Dearly Beloved

Dearly beloved we are gathered here today, to witness the death of our yesterday.

To the people we once called friends, to the relationships we thought will never end, to the laughter and to the happiness, I’ll continue to watch as you fade into nothingness

I remember the time we talked for hours, spewing countless stories and laughing at each other.

Someone spilled some beer and fell over the curly locks of one of the girls.
 Amongst the inappropriate jokes and profanity, I’ve always thought of our group as an extension of my family.

We listened to the stories of one another, whether we were sad and drunk or just happy and sober.
 We’ve always thought that we would always hangout together. 
 We promised that nothing will change and we’ll always be there for one another.

Suddenly we started having jobs, we started having separate lives. Our goals were divided and our joys were put aside. What happened to Beer Night Fridays? What happened to Game Night Wednesdays?

Nothing will change. 
 We promised that nothing will change.

Why do you keep on cancelling? Your boss can wait. We only see each other once in a blue moon.

Do you really need to study? It’s not like it’s sure that you’re going to get called tomorrow!

Take me back to the time when we were carefree. When responsibilities were less.
 A time when we could just understand one another and we could relate well with each other.

A time where all of us were going through the same shit together.

Dearly beloved we are gathered here today to focus on the people who stayed rather than those who left and walked away.

Change is inevitable; it’s the only thing permanent in life.
 We all change who we are as we grow: from our appearance, to our principles and to our beliefs.
 We change for the better, and we change to develop ourselves and know who we really are meant to be or supposed to be.
 We change to fulfill our dreams and aspirations.

We change. All of us do.

Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today to understand that we don’t need to hinder our personal growth just for others to stay in our lives.

If they truly want to stay, true friends will always find a way.