What Makes Fuccbois/Fuckboys Irresistible?

Okay first of all, this isn’t a hate blog or something — THIS IS PURELY FOR FUN. This is also just purely a personal opinion. Every definition, standard or parameter this blog gives is purely based on my experiences as a messed up but intelligent human being, so fasten your seat belts ladies, gentlemen and of course, fuccbois/fuckboys who are reading!

When did this label start? If I recall correctly, it started (here in the Philippines) around 2015. The populace suddenly started labeling metrosexuals (men who are really OCD-ish clean, fashionable and vain) as fuckboys.

So who are fuccbois/fuckboys? I have two classifications (that’s why I have to spelling variations of this rare specimen). The first one are FUCKBOYS. These fuckboys are literally boys who like to fuck, like sex fuck. They’re not douchebags, they just like to sleep around with women — consenting women. They can be swaglords or classy gentlemen but whatever the case maybe, they love FUCKING (if you’re thinking, “who doesn’t”, sweetheart you are a fuckboy). Second variation are the FUCCBOIS. Fuccbois are the douchebag dudes(in my personal opinion they’re worse than the first type). They don’t necessarily fuck you physically, but they fuck you up emotionally, mentally or even spiritually. They hit you where it hurts because at some point you were not able to identify that the freakin bitch’s a player. In some rare occasions, there are guys who have the audacity to have both attributes (God help the asshole for he hath not know what he hath done).

Despite all these uhm, unpleasant attributes that these fuccbois/fuckboys can possess, why are they still irresistible and who are their victims?

First level of IRRESISTIBLITY - THEY’RE HOT. The most obvious answer is the fact that they’re physically attractive. Most fuccbois/fuckboys are gym junkies (not stereotyping but most I met are gym junkies). They don’t necessarily have the most handsome face but their bodies are on point — tall, lean arms, toned chest — all that physical aesthetic prowess that makes girls gaga.

Scope of Victims: Innocent young sheep (the girls and young women who are Jon Snow: they know nothing of the horrors of this world)

Second level of IRRESISTIBILITY - APPEAL. Some fuccbois/fuckboys are not blessed physically but they’re blessed in other aspects like intellect, humor, talent or even monetary privileges (rich daddies). They need not have the physical charm but honey they can carry their own by their own abilities. (To be clear, not a fan of FBoys, but I’d like it better if Fboy targeting me hath more substance than looks.) These are the talkers or the conversationalists. (My personal weakness)

Scope of Victims: The women who know of the Fboy’s existence but still believe they can be “changed”. Let’s be honest women, you think fuccbois/fuckboys can be changed. In my personal experience, all girls went through that “savior complex phase”. (I went through it when I was in high school.) You go ahead and think that hey, this guy’s almost a boyfriend material, maybe he can change for me. Don’t get me wrong, it’s doable, like, I’ve been a personal witness to a lot of fuckboys/fuccbois converting because of a special woman, but I realized later in my life that love or being in a relationship isn’t about one person changing another, it’s about loving a person strong enough for both persons to evolve for the better. You never ever love another person to change them for your convenience, that’s not love, that’s a support group — but that’s for another blog.

Third level of IRRESISTIBILITY- PRESUMED INNOCENCE. Take note, this is the most dangerous level of ability that a fuccboi/fuckboy can possess. Some fuccbois/fuckboys have the ability to hide their fuccboi/fuckboyness (if there’s even such a word). A more dangerous precedent are the fuccbois/fuckboys who don’t know that they’re actually a fuccboi/fuckboy — A RARE CONDITION. As we say in law school, ignorance of the law excuses no one from compliance therewith. Even if they don’t know, they should be responsible to identify their actions.

Scope of Victims: ANYBODY. In my personal opinion, hiding someone’s fuccboi/fuckboyness, may it be intentional or not, can easily penetrate (excuse the language) any woman’s anti-fuccboi/fuckboy forcefield.

What makes a fuccboi/fuckboy irresistible?

The fact that he’s masked behind the qualities of an ideal man, but in reality he’s a player damn it. These men are wolf in sheep’s clothing.


On a side note: Personal opinion — if the relationship is physically beneficial and consensual for both parties, why not, fuck your hearts out. What really ticks me off is the ambiguity in the terms of a fuccboi/fuckboy’s relationship. I mean come on, if you just wanna fuck be clear about it, don’t include the emotional facet of a person — keep it mutally casual (this goes for both sexes because I do recognize the existence of fuccgirls/fuckgirls). Don’t ever, ever make the person feel special if the person’s just a source of your pleasure.

Peace out fuccbois/fuckboys and fuccgirls/fuckgirls!