Recently I was lucky enough to attend Droidcon in Turin, one of the biggest mobile conferences in Italy. This year, the event was organised by Synesthesia, a key player in the Italian digital panorama, and, with over a thousand registered attendees, hosted experts from Google, Airbnb, Sky Sports, Blinkist, among others.

OGR (Officine Grandi Riparazioni in Turin )— a stunning piece of industrial architecture. © Daniele Ratti

The venue — The conference took place at the OGR (Officine Grandi Riparazioni) in Turin, a former locomotive repair workshop, which in 2017 underwent significant refurbishment to transform it into the ultimate event space. …

Filippo Beraldo

Android dev @treatwelluk. Formerly @ASOS, @EatAround and @Uniwhere.

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