Unless you are giving them complete gibberish, I don’t think it’s fair to say they’re “just…
Joshua M. Gannon-Salomon

Let’s be honest here…how many therapists are actually wise enough to give sage unbiased advice? Maybe 2 percent? And you’ll spend thousands upon thousands of dollars trying to find that two percent. Sure, if going to a therapist meant I was guaranteed to be talking to an incredibly emotionally intelligent person who is super well adjusted and knows exactly what my faults are and can point them out, then yeah I would go to therapy. Unfortunately, since therapists are humans, they tend to have faults too. They too tend to have biases. They too have problems of their own. I’ve tried 3 therapists in my life. One as a child where all she did was have me play with toys and ask me how the toys were feeling. It was pretty obvious to me she thought I was going to put my own emotion into the little figurines I was playing with. The whole notion of little dolls having feelings I would know about was absurd to me. I would always say “I don’t know, I’m not them” and she would keep asking me every freaking session. She never tried a new technique to get me to open up and lord knows how much money my parents wasted on her. Then the two I have seen as an adult- one just kept asking me how everything made me feel….I ask myself that all the time, I don’t need to pay a therapist to ask for me. Then the other one kept projecting sexist crap about me wanting to be “chased by a man” onto me. No, I just want to be with someone who has the decency to reply in under 24 hours. At least with my friends, they know enough of my shit to know I already asked myself how I feel and that I’m not a shallow person who is obsessed with being chased.

Oh and then I was also in a psych ward for a day where I saw a bunch of counselors and therapists. They all just listened. Gave no advice. I don’t need someone to listen to me. That’s what friends are for. Unless you’re lucky enough to find that rare therapist who knows the secret to how to be a social loveable person that everyone wants to be around and can teach you, therapy is a waste of time

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