The GoPro Hero 4

The pros and cons

Personally my favourite part about my GoPro is that the quality of the photos taken are amazing. I got it only a few weeks ago and it has impressed me!

Here are some pros and cons of the GoPro.


The positives

  1. Up to 4K video and photo quality.
  2. Very portable and easy to carry.
  3. Bluetooth connection to your phone, computer and iPad.
  4. It can be attached to a drone for fantastic scenery and aerial shots.
  5. Good for quick and easy photo shoots.


The down side

  1. Not so good at macro or close up shots.
  2. There are very few lenses that actually make any difference.
  3. They are quite expensive and take some time to setup.

I really like the GoPro and rate it 8/10!

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