Mining colocation trends 2020

Mining colocation service is going to become the only efficient way for bitcoin individual mining. Moreover even corporations prefer to input their equipment in special companies. Increasing number of such locations is one of the future trends in cryptocurrency market. What are the trends in this sphere in 2020?

Cryptocurrency shows stable prices

In 2019 the bitcoin prices were quite stable and even showed a growth. Experts are waiting for 2 plans. Plan A: the prices are going down but then grow up again. …

Cloud Mining

Bergamine mining

It takes a lot of capital to perform a mining operation. The money needs to be spent on the following expenses:

If you only plan to start mining, the amount of expenses will be very large. The solution is to use mining colocation service. This is a service that allows you to use the infrastructure remotely. What advantages does the service provide?

The cost of electricity

Cryptocurrencies-related activities require a large consumption of electricity. Tariffs are…

Cloud Mining

Bergamine cloud mining

The popularity of virtual currency continues to gain momentum. And today everyone who decides to make money on cryptocurrency asks himself a question: how to start mining bitcoins? Let’s try to understand the mining process itself and how to make money with it.

1)Buy mining equipment

Before buying a miner computer, you need to visit thematic forums and study reviews about equipment for mining bitcoins. Today, the most advanced is considered the Antminer S9 miner.

2) Get a bitcoin wallet

Bitcoin is a virtual currency, and it needs to be stored somewhere. When you open…

Bergamine Bergamine

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