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Berges Alvarez
3 min readNov 1, 2014


Engaging Reflective Artwork by a new and emerging artist: Berges Alvarez November 2014

“Home by the Sea” by Berges Alvarez 2014 Acrylic on Canvas

Berges Alvarez’s work demonstrates a profound concern for our extraordinary planet, particularly our shared “soundless landscapes” of oceans, open skies and mountains. Allegorically he conveys a beautiful frailty that reminds us of the wonders we all hold to share and protect.

His artworks softly speak about our contemporary techno-digital environment while at the same time presents images in their natural balance. This social work reflects a natural world that allows present-day to show in subtle ways and so constructs communication between the plastic recycled modernism we’ve created and the delicate, yet silently present natural consciousness that surrounds.

Abundant, dramatic with color and in silent melancholy Berges Alvarez’s symbolic practicality in the use of recycled man-made materials to create these panoramas fascinates and involves the beauty that is found within the frayed edges and torn materials that seem to have been forever forgotten in our modern day throwaway society.

“Canyon Cove” 2014 by Berges Alvarez Acrylic on Canvas

In this very contemporary method of collecting and creating art as reflective informational data bits, Berges Alvarez utilizes materials much like the man-made digital metamaterials that interact with light waves to transform, reorganize, reflect and even cloak our reality.

Found within the reflective spark of plastics as they flip, reshape and turn light surfaces, Berges Alvarez’s artwork is evident and a confirmation that what is reflected does exist and mimics the genuine that is placed before it. Like a mirror reverses or water surfaces regenerate reality by producing positive angles of refraction all of these complex forms twist and bounce as his reflective art is captured and reformed in the eye of the beholder or viewer.

These reflective crossover reorientations of light on surfaces are dependent upon the viewer as Alvarez recreates and shifts about these alluring light spectrums and resonating spaces and in doing so he produces outstanding landscapes, seascapes and abstracts.

“Frozen Dawn” 2014 by Berges Alvarez Acrylic on Canvas

Everything is in relation to the viewer when it comes to reflextions as it changes with movement; reflections slightly recast and distort data even their optical densities emerge differently with every turn affirming the viewer in their posture, place and time. Thus the art becomes an insightful dance between the viewer and what has been reflected or thrown back as an engaging new presence and so affirming our actual existence.

The art captured by Berges Alvarez at a precise refracted moment is reflected and reformed inside the viewer where the art occurs and by doing so his art continuously reaffirms our certainty and adds a validity to the realism of the world around us.

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Berges Alvarez

Beneath “dark night skies” I dream in poetic stanzas deep in my heart is a yearning to reflect and understand the meanings of our everyday lives