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Every wedding day begins for a woman with the styling. She gets her bridal hair and makeup. It is the start of a special day. And also this start should be special. You can celebrate it — feel like a star when hair stylists and make-up artists work on you as you can see in the pictures above. After all, the bride is the centre of attention on the wedding day. And this in every respect. Because nothing is more important in styling for the big day than personality. To the person around whom everything revolves. And this person is the concern of hair designer Ayhan Eren whenever he provides even more beauty on the most beautiful day with his hairstyle creations and make-up. For him, the bride and groom are the centre of attention. In the interview, the celebrity figaro, who also styles many VIPs for their big, official appearances, talks about bridal hairstyle trends and the magic of successful styling.

Mr Eren, what trends in bridal hairstyles do you see in 2018?
Trend is and remains what the bride stands for and what makes her feel good on her big day. Of course, curly hairstyles such as soft waves and beach waves, the vintage and sleep look and accessories such as opulent floral wreaths are currently in vogue, but the classic, elegant and glamorous updos never lose their fascination.

Not every woman has the hair she wants. Is it still possible to find the perfect bridal hairstyle for every bride — even if she has a problematic hair condition?
There are no problems with me, only solutions. The earlier a bride entrusts herself to me in “Mozart’s Wedding- & Event-Lounge” — and of course also the groom in our “Mozart’s Barber Lounge” — the better. This way I can influence the hair professionally with my care products directly in advance and at my leisure. I take the time my guest needs. If he allows me, I accompany him as a hair guide with “Mozart’s Supreme Luxus Haarmanufaktur”, so that hair and scalp are regenerated and brought back into balance. This often increases the spectrum of possible hairstyles for both the bride and groom, and the hairstyling dream comes within reach.

On the wedding day, brides are excited, everything is lively. How do you still manage to make preparation and styling a relaxed experience?
Since I offer my bridal couples styling and beauty treatments in advance and I also like to spoil them culinarily with champagne and snacks, they trust me completely. On the actual wedding day “only” the final styling takes place, which is very relaxed. The bride can simply look forward to the “Yes”!

Do brides still have to go to the hairdresser themselves on wedding mornings, or is there another way?
I can only speak for myself and follow the bride wherever she wants my services — be it at home, in a hotel suite or anywhere else in the world where the wedding is to take place. My customers can also be picked up and brought anywhere by a transport service and may use a 24-hour / seven-day service and online. I treat everyone with dignity and respect — regardless of whether they are celebrities or “normal” customers.

How much time should the bride allow for hair styling and make-up on her wedding day?
This depends on the preparatory work. A bride I had the privilege of preparing weeks before for this wonderful day only gets the perfect polish on her wedding day. This means that the entire styling, make-up and beauty treatments can be reduced to a minimum.

How do you personally like a bridal hairstyle?
I always follow the personality of the bride, her dress, the chosen accessories and of course the groom. This results in the individual styling idea for the bride: a hair styling and make-up that is perfectly matched to her and with which she feels like a princess on her big day — whether in a romantic, classic or modern style. I like every bridal hairstyle when hairstyling and make-up have been perfectly matched to everything and are extraordinary and out of the ordinary.

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You have a barber lounge for men in your salon. How should the groom prepare for his wedding day?
Just like the bride! If he wishes, he will also be prepared for his big day with us in advance and in peace and quiet, so that on the wedding day it will also be quite fast and yet relaxed for him. The “perfect” look for the groom has become very variable and stretchy today. Perfect is what he likes and what he feels comfortable in on this special day. The main thing is that he is in no way inferior to the bride when it comes to care and styling.


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