Pure relaxation: What exactly are yoga retreats?

Jun 9, 2018 · 4 min read

Yoga retreats are totally on the rise at the moment. With such a journey you can let your soul dangle, sometimes really switch off and bring body, mind and soul in harmony.

Most of us just want to lie on the beach, sizzle in the sun and fill our stomachs at the all-inclusive buffet. Sports? That’s no good!

A completely new form of vacation are spiritual Yoga journeys against it. If you want to find yourself and leave the stress of everyday life behind you, you can now go to a so-called yoga retreat. The principle: recharge your batteries — with lots of yoga and meditation. By the way: A holiday in a yoga retreat works wonderfully as a single person — either you can enjoy the peace and quiet alone or you can get together with like-minded people on site.

What exactly is a yoga retreat?

Yoga retreats are currently on everyone’s lips. But what is actually behind the holiday trend? “Retreat” means “retreat.” And that’s exactly what a yoga trip is all about: finding yourself, understanding your own body, replenishing your energy, sometimes really coming to rest. At the same time, you keep fit, get to know the country and its people and, at best, arrive relaxed in everyday life again.

Most yoga retreats are in the middle of nature, paradisiacal dream locations are not uncommon. The main thing is to get away from the big city and away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Retreats can now be found all over the world. They are almost always specifically selected and special places, such as a former monastery in Tuscany or a jungle resort in faraway Asia. Yoga holidays of this kind are also offered in Germany, especially around the Baltic Sea.

In addition to a lot of yoga and meditation, yoga retreats often offer other activities such as surfing or hiking. Relaxing Ayurveda treatments are not uncommon either.

As large as the selection of yoga retreats is, so strongly varies their content. Whether Hatha, Vinyasa or Bikram — there are so many different offers that there is something for everyone.

What does a holiday in a yoga retreat look like?

Most yoga retreats have a daily schedule. But don’t worry: You can stick to the plan, but you don’t have to. Every traveller should be free to decide what he wants — after all, it is about his own body and finding himself.

Usually the day begins in a yoga retreat with a morning yoga lesson to really get the circulation going. During the day there will be more yoga classes, which you can take part in as you wish. In between you can relax, go for a walk or sleep — whatever is good for you. By the way, most retreats offer an all-inclusive catering, which consists mainly of organic and vegan food. The food should support the relaxation process and cleanse the body. A day in a yoga holiday often ends with a meditation lesson, which should contribute to a healthy sleep.

Fancy a round of evening yoga? Here you can participate directly:

Good food for good karma — nutrition tips for yogis
The cost of a yoga retreat

Yoga retreats can be found in all price categories. For a weekend you have to reckon with at least 200 Euro, but there are usually no limits upwards. It always depends on which country you want to travel to, which room category you choose and how long you want to stay.
You shouldn’t miss these yoga trips:

1st Floating Leaf Eco Retreat, Indonesia

Breathtaking landscapes, beautiful beaches, impressive temples — Bali is a true dream destination. And also yogis get their money’s worth here, because influenced by Indian, Chinese and Hindu culture the journey becomes a unique experience for body, mind and senses.

The “Floating Leaf Eco Retreat” was chosen as “Asia’s best place to practice Yoga”. On almost 186 square meters, directly situated at the sea, surrounded by fields, you can really let your soul dangle here with all kinds of yoga and meditations, delicious food and spa treatments. And if you like, you can even surf here.

2nd Amatierra Retreat & Wellness Center, Costa Rica

A trip to Costa Rica is always worthwhile. Besides volcanoes, tropical cloud forest, impressive howler monkeys and white dream beaches lined with palm trees, Costa Rica is a wonderful place to relax for body and soul: The “Amatierra Retreat & Wellness Center” is the ultimate tip from travel experts.

Amatierra is an all-inclusive health resort and yoga retreat, about an hour’s drive from Costa Rica’s capital San José. The highlight: an open air pavilion with an incredible view of the surrounding palm-clad mountains.

Daily vacationers can participate in Hatha Yoga and meditation classes, of course there is also an extensive wellness program. Massages, spa treatments and private yoga classes are offered in the middle of the tropical rainforest. If you need more action, you can go on a waterfall tour, climb a volcano or take part in a surf course.

3rd Ocean and Yoga, Algarve, Portugal

In the Algarve you can relax in one of the top six yoga retreats: The “Ocean and Yoga” Resort is a historic farmhouse in Aljezur. Jana, the owner, is a trained Anusara and Hatha yoga teacher and with her everything revolves around finding the connection to nature again.

Besides yoga, guests can also take surf courses with local teachers. The “Ocean and Yoga” offers all-inclusive packages that include a yoga and meditation program twice a day, hikes, two intensive surfing days and much more.


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