Wedding: Colourful and with flamingo

Jun 9, 2018 · 5 min read

It seems as if the more you give of yourself as a bridal couple, the more enchanting weddings become. This may be due to the very personal and very own painting that a party gets in this way, or to the fact that the bridal couple and guests simply feel taken care of and arrived, because everyone knows: It’s just like that and no different! Mia and Andy had a wedding like this. She was extraordinary in every way and exactly the way the bride and groom wanted her to be. The cornerstones of their celebration: bright colours, geometric forms and a flamingo.

The concept

The concept was created and implemented by Weddingplanner Sonja Neubert von Trauwerk. “Where do I start at this wonderful, colourful wedding,” she says when asked what made Mia and Andy’s party so special. “They wanted to have a happy wedding party for an entire weekend. It should be really colourful — with the strong colours orange, yellow, blue, green and berry. The two wanted unusual geometric shapes in different sizes. And they had another fancy wish: “Her favorite animal, the flamingo, should also play a leading role.”

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The motto

Because this flamingo had its place in the life of Mia and Andy long before the wedding. It’s part of her love story, so to speak. During a holiday in Florida, the two met a pink plastic flamingo, which they jokingly named “Ingo”. During this holiday there was a crackling tension in the air, as if something unspoken was rumbling in Andy. It almost came to a marriage proposal when Andy painted a heart in the sand at a romantic sunset. Actually the perfect situation — but Andy had no ring at all. So he just looked Mia deep in the eyes and said: “I’m hungry, let’s go back to the hotel and get something to eat.” The application followed soon afterwards — quite unexpectedly during a rainy walk in Austria. But the Flamingo remained: Wedding planner Sonja Neubert made him the motto of the wedding, which read: “Say yes, spoke the Flamingo”. The idea: The pink bird commented every step of the wedding and simply added his mustard to everything. She wrote in the church notebook: “Now wirdʾs serious, the Flamingo” and the Sweet Table for example with “Das gabʾs schon bei Oma, sprach der Flamingo”.

The Decoration

The geometric shapes are strikingly striking. It’s hard to believe the bride and groom made them themselves. But that’s exactly how it was: “Mia and Andy insisted on making them themselves, although 300 small shapes were needed for the decoration alone,” reports wedding planner Sonja Neubert. The two set about this mammoth task intrepidly and a wonderful handicraft project arose in which they had an unbelievable amount of time to chat: after all, it takes almost an entire hour to produce a single small mould! “For the perforated slabs and the approximately two-metre large objects, we worked together on a construction that would last as long as possible, and in the end they were simply perfect,” says Sonja Neubert.

The extras

As colourful as the wedding look itself is, so are the individual details. Mia and Andy celebrated with their wedding an extraordinary and completely successful party in sunny September. And all this with enchanting extras: The bridal couple opened the dance floor with a wedding waltz to “Pure Reason may never win” by Tocotronic. The guests had a lot of fun with the photo box and just as much fun with the Sweet Table, which was filled with typical East German sweets that the bride brought back from her homeland. And even the children had their own fun program: For example, they made flamingo stamps with their caretaker Jenny and invented the matching wife named Inga for Flamingo Ingo, who was one of the main protagonists of the celebration.

The Moments

“One of the best moments of our wedding day for me was the trip to church in the old VW bus with my two witnesses and my father, whom I have never seen so happy and relaxed,” says Mia. But the bride also remembered the change of location in the afternoon, from the terrace to the beautiful banquet room, as something very special: “All our guests followed the musicians into the hall with a smile on their faces and dancing. We had such wonderfully relaxed and happy guests, that just made me very happy,” she says. Andy is also happy about the great atmosphere and cheerful dynamics that determined the wedding day. For example, during the afternoon scavenger hunt organized by the best man. “Funnily enough, the groups were made up of the guests we had later placed at a table, although they didn’t know each other before,” Andy says. “I loved celebrating an entire weekend at the B&O Hotel. The guests had plenty of time to get to know each other and to switch off from everyday stress in the location and simply celebrate in a relaxed way”. And Mia and Andy also enjoyed this relaxed celebration thanks to the perfect preparation of their wedding planner. “We had nothing to worry about and could enjoy the whole day to the full. Looking back, that was really priceless,” they say.

The Interview

How Weddingplannerin Sonja Neubert experienced the wedding of Mia and Andy and which tips this contains for other bridal couples, she reveals in the interview:

The colours at Mias and Andy’s wedding are pretty bright and colourful. What has to be considered when choosing such a colour?
It is, as so often, a matter of combination. I think: The bright colours and the geometric shapes look great in the bright, linear hall of the B&O Hotel. In a more colourful or dark room it would certainly be different. Together with the single-coloured perforated sheets in grey or yellow, the colourful geometric paper shapes, the flowers and grasses and the candles, a creative and appealing centrepiece was created on every table. We deliberately chose grey pillar candles and tea lights in geometric concrete shapes as candles. Around it the white tablecloth with the plain dishes. A nice contrast to the bright colours. The bright colours were also combined with grey in the stationery design. Bright colours need enough space to unfold.

Even geometric forms are not necessarily romantic, but rather graphically cool. How does this fit the romantic claim of a wedding?
I always think what suits the wedding is what the couple likes. And for Mia and Andy it was their heart’s desire to have colorful geometric shapes at their wedding. The beauty of weddings these days is, I think, that anything is possible. Each couple can thus emphasize their individuality and peculiarity. By the way: The geometric shapes turned out to be very trendy, although we couldn’t even know that at the concept development stage.

Unusual things are especially memorable — also for the guests. How much extravagance do you recommend for wedding planning?
As much as suits the bride and groom. For me it’s always about creating the perfect party for the couple. Perfect in design, but also perfect in operation and experience. All guests can feel who’s getting married here. It doesn’t matter whether it is particularly crazy, wild, romantic or completely natural. The most important thing is that it reflects 100% the character and style of the two people.

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