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They were hailed as the couple of the desert, the inseparable pair...the love Cloaks.

In all honesty however they were far from a couple and far from love Cloaks. Their story was actually one of unrequited love. One of them couldn't care less about the other whilst the one who did have feelings, just had problems letting go.

Ber would follow Ese on her journey to Cloaka knows where if that’s what it took but as he reflected on his love for Ese, he wondered as to whether it wasn't just the fact that he’d walked several meet’agains trying to get close to her. The desert they journeyed across was rumoured to be large, eternal even. No one had seen it's end and it didn't matter in what direction you walked, you would eventually meet someone who went in the opposite direction to you. That was what constituted a meet’again. It was an illogical system of telling time and distance but it was all these natives of the desert had aside from the sun and a place known as Big Hard Sand.

Essentially it was a place where giant slabs of stones protruded from the surface of gold dust that littered the world. Being that they described everything aside from themselves in relation to sand, Big Hard Sand seemed perfect.

This abnormal place was the beginning and end of all meet’agains. It was also the birthplace of all Cloaks and the last place Ese wanted to see. Big Hard Sand was a confusing mix of hope and despair for her. It was a sign that there was more to this place but it also stood as a stark symbol of despair.

What if this was all? If this was the origin of the desert then, as an avid believer in Cloaka, it's eternal brilliance and in it's unfathomability, the desert could very well be all there was and Ber loved to remind her of that.

He wasn't like others, his faith in Cloaka was born from his ability to question the existence of the being. It was, to Ese and many others, a contradictory belief simply because of all the various ideas his faith allowed him to produce. One of his brilliant ideas was that maybe Big Hard Sand was their Cloaka: or maybe even a dead Cloaka.

Ese brushed the thought that Cloaka could be dead and ventured up the next dune that rose to disturb her path.

Her cloak fluttered in the winds that blew, but no matter how hard they blew the cloak would never come off. It never did.

Ber was probably admiring the view of her legs as he slowly dragged himself up the dune. He was the laziest Cloak she’d ever known and also the most annoying. He talked a lot and despite some good conversations, which he always managed to mess up, he often just tried to be unnecessarily smart, funny and cool, only to end up being mediocre, rude and an utter wimp.

Did Ber care about what Ese thought though? He definitely did, but it was slowly sinking in that he’d probably never be good enough for her. It was a sad thing, but he felt someone with legs like hers was probably even out of Cloakas league.

Them legs were gorgeous, powerful and mind boggling. Whether it was in the blazing morning or the darkest night, those legs spoke to the fabric of his cloak.

He tried smelling her feet once. They had walked quite a distance and she decided to lay down and close her eyes. He too was tired, but it had been the first and only time she’d slept before he did. Sure enough he felt like he was encroaching on her personal space but he gave in to Akaolcs temptation.

That night he wormed his way to the sole of her feet getting as close as possible, as fast as possible, as silently as possible, because he was horrible at stealth and he still failed this time. Feeling smart, he greeted her feet to which she woke up kicking as she always did. His face discovered one thing that day. Pain.

He rolled down the dune she slept on like a bowling ball about to make a strike. Upon coming to a stop he found himself salvaging whatever he’d managed to smell off her feet as he battled with pain. He recovered very little, but that little he recovered gave him an abundance of peace.

Even as he watched Ese’s silhouette turn from him and walk away, those legs of hers had been revealed to him in another light thus he could never forget them.

Ese had tried hard to leave him behind.It seemed the only time Ber was energetic was when he found himself a considerable ways away from Ese.

It wouldn't take long before all the desert sang the song of Bers coming and sure enough he would come. In all his annoyance. Her cloak would simply cry.

Anyway, she finally reached the top of yet another dune and the sight that greeted her was nothing but heart wrenching.

Ber on the other hand, was quite relieved to see Big Hard Sand. Although he loved speaking to Ese, the silence that had engulfed the pair was unbearable. At Big Hard Sand they would meet more Cloaks, maybe witness the birth of a Cloak. He said that last bit out loud and Ese made a sad chuckle.

“Maybe be make our own,” she said walking forward leaving Ber pondering what she said. Those golden words had been spoken and hope given. He went after her questioning her, “are you serious? I mean, I’ve wanted...It's not...i think…are you teasing me… you know I don't like that...”

And as he spilled his heart out, a sweet apple laced laugh was carried across the eternal desert by the sand.

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