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Big Hard Sand was a special place, not only did it serve as the one and only wonder of their desert, it was also a home base and most importantly it supplied Cloaks with a life’s supply of apples, or as the Cloaks called them, Round Red Sand.

Apples were Ber's favorite, despite there being no other alternatives. If he had any reason to believe in Cloaka it would be the miracle of apples in the desert. Every morning Cloaks would find them lying around Big Hard Sand as if they'd risen from the desert or fallen from the sky.

Despite being relatively infuriated with Ese he had run ahead of her to get her the biggest apple he could find. Her satisfaction was his, and her pleasure as well.

Ese thought differently on that subject. She believed that Ber was just obsessed and many, his brother included, agreed. It was helpful at times though it would be better if he didn't draw so much attention, proclaiming his love for her every time he was questioned as to why he did something. Ese sought no problems, complications or confusion and that was often what came along with being with Ber. Anyway,

she had a feeling that he'd end up with someone younger than himself and if she had asked Ber at that time he would have agreed.

There were a lot of stunning creature walking about the area of Big Hard Sand. Focusing on the task of getting two apples was a lot more arduous than he thought it would be: but Ese was different. She was not the smoothest grain of sand. Nope. Looking around, that was improbable but he didn't have feelings for her for that reason.

He remembered how it all started out. A less matured version of Ber trying to climb the social ladder by being with someone.

“I really thought I was all that,” he muttered slightly disgusted with himself as his cloak shifted around him, forming into a right hand and picking up an apple from the sand.

“All what?” Ese asked surprising him. He passed the apple into the left hand formed by her cloak. It was a technique discovered two meet’agains ago. Between then and now, both of them had learned to use it.

Ber picked another apple from the sand.

“Nothing,” He said pulling his hood of with a cloak formed left hand, and using his right hand to munch into the fruit of the deserts labor. “Did I ever tell you why I started liking you?”

“I'm in no mood for this Ber,” she threatened. Ber didn't want to become even more of an irritant but a pit had formed in his stomach upon remembering his past. The more he held on to it the more annoying it became. In a sense, what he did next he did for himself and not for love.

“I thought I was cooler than you,” he began, “that you were a nobody and that if a guy liked you, you’d easily agree to be their mate.”

Ber refused to look at Ese, imagining the look of disgust on her face.

“Being that you get more respect when you get into a relationship, I thought, who could it be? Obviously it had to be a nobody. Somebody who made an easy catch. In my opinion, that was you.”

He could have gone further but his own heart wouldn't take the full confession. Either way, Ese got the message.

She said a few things in response to him. Her disgust was the first thing she expressed which he expected. He took her words silently, avoiding bringing up the fact that he had changed. According to his brother, there was no greater trap than those words.

When a woman is angry, seething, even disgusted because of you, let her feel justified in her hate for you. Be a guilty Cloak Ber. A guilty Cloak.

The words rang through Bers skull every time Ese made a pause. Instinct pushed him to defend himself, however one this day, he decided to listen to his brothers love advice.

Thankfully, Ese wasn't one to waste words. She was always to the point. To Bers surprise she didn't take too long, but she did ask a question that would haunt him for the rest of his desert wandering life.

“So was your ride to social importance successful?” To which he answered no.

“I got sidetracked,” he finished, attempting to soothe his ego. That however was obvious for Ese to see in his cloak. The designs unique to Bers cloak emanated the colour of shame, a sort of dying purple. On her cloak, the colour green was even more visible. Around them, people moved around with colours in their cloaks identical to their emotions: orange for courage, soft brown for intrigue, yellow for arousal, burning red for joy and brilliant cyan for sadness. So many colours that shon brighter with the intensity of the emotion.

Ese dropped the remains of her apple in the sand before moving away from Ber.

It was a warm afternoon, with blue skies the colour of excitement and two sand clouds drifting aimlessly around a proud sun. Big Hard Sand was essentially on a large dune, so from his point of view Ber could see a great stretch of the desert. It was the kind of perfect view he wished he could share with Ese. If only he could keep his mouth shut for a little while and not make things out to be what they weren't.

He bit into his apple again, realising he’d only taken one bite since picking it up. Surprisingly enough, although he’d eaten apples a lot his existence it was the first time the taste came clear to him. It was like an epiphany. No. It was an epiphany.

This Apple wasn’t the sweetest he’d ever tasted, nor the most sour. His cloak flashed green as he remembered all the sour apples he’d been unfortunate enough to come across but back to the apple. It was an average apple, more or less like Ese, but its fusion of both tastes could turn moments like these into epic, story worthy moments.

Somewhere in the back of his mind, Ber knew he might have just pulled that conclusion out of nowhere but despite that, he was rolling with it.

“Hello there,” he reintroduced himself to his fruit with the best deep seductive accent he had.

“Names Ber and yours?... Ese! Well, well, well. What a lovely name. Nice to meet you...Ese,” he said taking another bite out of his apple.

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