2020 came with a bang.

That’s how I actually see it. And everybody else of course with the whole Covid-19 situation.

What I love the most about 2020 is that I’ve done more in this year up until now, then I have done in my entire life span of 28 years.

Yes I know I am young, but not that young I mean and I still haven’t achieved a lot, but 2020 was for sure my most successful year so far.

I graduated in January, got my driving license in February and I got my first full-time job in March. Since then I changed 3 companies (this is not for bragging I know), I bought myself a car and I got promoted in the company I am in right now. …

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Photo by Sascha Matuschak on Unsplash

When porn meets art it can be a beautiful symphony.

When you think about the biggest industry in the World it’s not construction or real estate, but it’s pornography.

Every second a new porn video is uploaded.

And every second someone is consuming pornography.

The biggest industry in the World needs fresh blood, so newcomers are welcome.

But not everything in this industry is hardcore and these people are not slaves like the ones working like prostitutes.

These people are real actors, and they get paid if they act better and if they perform better.

The bigger the fantasy, the more you get paid. …

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Photo by Chelsea London Phillips on Unsplash

Coming from a country (a whole region to make it more impactful) where if you are successful you either have to be a son/daughter of a millionaire, a son/daughter of a politician, or a son/daughter of a criminal, I want to know how people are successful and they have nothing to do with the above-mentioned personas.

People will always look at you like a criminal, some people might judge you, and others will envy your success in this part of the World. …

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