Why the Hungarian education is so bad?

I wanted to write about the Hungarian education for a long time from my perspective. I’m just a 17 years old student but I’m in this system for almost 11 years now and I think I know one or two about this.

Since I started school they changed a lot of things but for the bad side. Some people even started demonstrations but these events didn’t changed anything. Our government is very decided. If they want to change anything they do anything to happen. (But there was one exception. People started to demonstrate against the tax of the Internet. And in the end the government didn’t do anything.)

Main problems

We’re overloaded and so are our teachers. There are too many things to learn and teach. Our teachers want to do what is best for us but they cannot do anything because they need to teach us so many things what we need for graduation.

We don’t have enough time to do what we want because we need to have a PE lesson everyday. Or if you sport something you only need 3 of them. But in both cases you maybe have free time after 4 pm.

But if you are just started school, you’ll probably need to go private lessons after school if you want to go to a better school in the future or you just want something to do in your life.

Everyday PE

If you don’t sport anything you will need to have at least 2 more lessons per week to sport something. In our school we’re lucky because we have room for this, but many schools doesn’t have enough room to do these lessons.

If you sport something you can leave school around 2–3 pm if you’re lucky. After you’ve got home you need to relax a bit, eat, do your homework, etc.. Than around 4–5 pm you go to the training and you leave around 7 pm and this is a bit too late.

The curriculum is too few and too many at the same time

As I written upper you need to have private lessons if you want something better in your life. Our books never been more worse than before thanks to our government. (Thanks, guys! 😙) Almost all school-book publishers have been bought and they made a “big” publisher from them. Only some had the power to say no for these. One of them is now one of the most innovative publishers in Europe thanks to this. Most schools only can choose books from the government’s publisher and these books are the worse. They made those books in about 1–1.5 years which is too little for these types of books. And they tested in real schools only. They didn’t had a testing group for that. When we’ve got one of these books we started counting the problems but at the end of the year there was too many.

But on the other hand there are old books which almost 7–10 years old what we can choose. And these books are way better but these have more things in it also. Some include more things what we need but we need to learn these because they are in the “National Core Curriculum”.

Too many things at the same time

As I said before we need to learn a lot of things what we don’t need in the end. But aside from that we need to write test about these things. And because of that we wake up tired and we go to sleep tired. Everyday. Our teachers want to change but they are also tired because of this system.

We need to learn a lot. We need to learn 2 different languages (apart from our native language). And we just have some lessons per week but we write tests almost every week. We learn something on a lesson and on the other one we write test of it. And sometimes you don’t have enough time to learn or you are too tired for it.

How is a day look like?

I wake up around 6.30 am but there are so many who wake up earlier or later because they live further or closer to the school. We start school at 7.30 am and we have at least 7 lessons with 10–15 minutes breaks. So we have no launch until 2 pm. But if you live further you need to travel more, so got home around 3 pm. Than you chill a bit, eat, do your things and it’s almost 5–6 pm. And you don’t had time with the family yet, your pets, etc.. You only studied until this time from 7–8 am.


  • Sleep: 8 hours at least
  • Dining: 1–2 hours
  • School: 8 hours
  • Study after school: 2 hours
  • Travel: 1–2 hours
  • Training: 2 hours
  • Hobby: 2 hours
  • Private lessons: 1 hour
  • Family time: 1 hour
  • Social media: 1–2 hours
  • Do your things: 1 hour

That’s 31 hours. That is what you need to do in 24 hours.

My opinion about this

Is that we need to change is we want something better. We need to reduce somehow the curriculum because we lose so much time because of this.

I want to think about my future. I want to build my future.

But I can’t do that because of lack of time. And I don’t know how to tax or how to think properly. How not to get fraud and so many things what they didn’t teach us in school but we need. But I need to know a lot about genetics and these kind of stuff, even I want to be a programmer or something like that.