A New Semester

Welcome to BEAM’s first blog post! If you’re not too familiar with BEAM, BEAM stands for Berkeley Engineers and Mentors and we do science and engineering mentoring for elementary and middle school kids in the Berkeley and Oakland area. We work with 16 schools and mentor over 200 kids a week. If you are a Berkeley student interested in checking out BEAM, come to our infosession on September 6th at 7 p.m. in 105 Northgate!

Anyways, enough product placement. We want to give everyone a couple updates on some grand plans for this upcoming semester. First off, we’re trying to grow our online presence so we currently have been working on a website redesign. Check out our live prototype at https://berkeley-beam.github.io! Also, we plan on posting regularly to Medium with updates on how mentoring sites are doing. Each week you’ll find stories and challenges from each site and highlight some important mentoring lessons learned during the week. Hopefully, this gives mentoring sites a cumulative journal of their experience over the semester.

That’s it for now friends! I expect to see everyone’s smiling faces at infosession!

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