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“Everything that is happening today happened many times over by the times our founders wrote this document. There is no criminal, no trick, no technique, no aspiration, no idea that they had not already seen. Nothing is new. They had seen it all.”

The train. Electric lights. Telegraph. Telephone. Radio. Television. Air travel. Computerized marketing. High speed microtransactions. A population over 325 million (@ 130 times greater than the 2.5 million in 1776). Computerized gerrymandering. Facebook. Twitter.

No more than “doctors” of the time could anticipate the discovery of disease-causing microorganisms that revolutionized the practice of medicine, the founders couldn’t begin to imagine these technologies, their effect on the creation and concentration of immense capital, and the resulting corruption of the political system they created. It’s absurdly contradictory to claim both that their system, specifically designed to resist change, was simultaneously designed to adapt to forces ever more powerful and more quickly changing than they could ever dream of.

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