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Berkley Colocation cloud mining

Cloud mining is a fairly new type of IT-business. Bitcoin came to birth in 2009 and today there are many cryptocurrencies, the mining of which is quite interesting to many us, due to its high availability. Entrepreneurs need reliable equipment of sufficient capacity connected to high-speed Internet. And now they have all the conditions for making money, as well as the ability to spend our virtual currency on real purchases of goods and services.

How is cloud mining organized?

When organizing a business in the field of cloud mining, specialists need to solve the following tasks:

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berkley mining colocation

Mining co-location is a way of outsourcing for miners when they locate their farms in so-called mining hotels. What are the reasons for such a relocation? In fact the reasons are connected with the disadvantages of mining:

power-hungry farms;
enormous electricity bills;
high level of noise and temperature;
need to cool and clean the equipment;
lack of place to organize a big effective farm.

Mining colocation service

Business invented a great offer for individual miners. It’s related with cloud-based technologies when you can use your small part of platform and its power but pay only for service…

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What is cloud mining?

It often happens that newcomers looking for ways to mine bitcoins encounter a service that actually has little to do with real bitcoin mining. This applies not only to bitcoins, but generally to all cryptocurrencies. Cloud mining is a remote data processing center using computer technology. This is the acquisition of a certain hashing power from a central authority that owns and operates one or more mining farms. Such platforms rent part of their equipment for mining bitcoins. The desired hash rate is reached at a specific market price. Usually users pay a down payment…

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Berkley LLC

Cloud mining is titled the one of the ways to earn any of cryptocurrency through the use of special ‘cloudy’ leased data processing centers.

Cryptocurrency on the Internet is called a cryptographically protected digital currency, wherein the first cryptocurrency was Bitcoin, the first issue of it occurred in 2009. Today, there are quite a lot of any cryptocurrencies (Litecoin, Dodgecoin, Ethereum — only the most famous of them) and they are also like the ordinary currencies are a payment instrument for making purchases on the Internet and not only.

Therefore, the mining of cryptocurrencies, and in particular, cloud…

berkley colocation

Berkley LLC offers intelligent data center colocation from facilities which are built in an intelligent way.

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