Seems like every business has adopted this slush of phrases that over time has come to mean almost nothing. So I present to you “covid ipsum” … for these unprecedented times.

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Lorem ipsum Covid-19. We hope justo odio, sit amet front-line workers in, egestas catalyst for change metus dolor thank you. Praesent stay inside elit non mi porta dolor consectetur together posuere erat a curbside pickup purus sit amet, vel scelerisque steps we are taking dolor sit amet non metus auctor fringilla high touch surfaces.

In these unprecedented times amet fermentum id streaming safe at home felis euismod semper. Our top priority lacinia bibendum essential remoteus sed dolor sit amet front-line workers. Sed global dolor sit amet front-line workers est at rapidly evolving situation. Integer global erat a ante venenatis dapibus global vsteps we are taking aliquet. Lorem ipsum safe and healthy sit new normal porta gravida, dolor sit amet front-line workers adipiscing steps we are taking. …

I chose to skip work today, in observance of International Women’s Day / A Day Without a Woman, but it wasn’t a simple choice.

My initial resistance was about the immediate effect. Taking a last-minute day off burdens my co-workers and affects the cadence of our work. I also worried that I’d be sending a message only to my colleagues and leadership at my company — that they’re not doing enough. …

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I love using design and craft to bring people together. Last year my sister and I taught marbling and bookbinding to 140 mothers and daughters at the three-day Heller-Wexler Family Retreat. Recently I started doing lunchtime pop-up crafts with folks in my office, just for fun. I love seeing engineers sit with designers and VPs and product managers, crafting on a level playing field. Everyone puts their own personality into what they make. Something about people not looking at each other and working with their hands makes them relax and talk and laugh.

In early 2015, when Perka moved into new office tailored just for us — the penthouse atop a vintage Manhattan Mini Storage building—the space included a floor-to-ceiling blackboard wall in our main communal area. Although our office was meticulously designed to include many employee perks—from a shower for bicycle commuters to a plot on our landscaped roof deck for growing vegetables—this blackboard is my perk. I love having a huge, blank, renewable and public canvas at my disposal. But mostly I love coming up with concepts for the blackboard, drawing just enough to get people going, and then stepping away. There’s no ownership, nothing’s precious, and everyone goes home feeling like they got to draw on the walls at work. …


Cheryl Berkowitz

Director of Design at Clover. I follow all things art, design, craft, technology, and roller disco. @berkowho

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