I’m Tired Of Women Being Judged On Their Choice To Have Kids (Or Not)
The Establishment

To make a child is not only a personal choice, it is a social choice, it is even the first social act. The earth is now a very small island. To make a child is a crime according to social laws: infinite endangerment of the life of others (the child is a person). It is a crime by imprudence, for it can be born disabled. It is a crime all short, for to give life is to give death. It is slavery, for the procreation of an existence serves (servitude) only those that already exist. It is still slavery, for the child will have to buy his own body, that is to say, his daily diet. It is also a constraint of association, since the child is registered in a society without having obviously given his consent. It is a perpetual blackmail, because he is born in a cultural system already in place and constantly threatened with punishment, imprisonment, even by the police and the military. And it is still a mental torture because parents and society will scare him throughout his life on what will wait for him after his death when he has not even asked to exist. Poor fellow. And if the parents had cleaned the garbage bin before throwing him in it! But this is not even the case. You just have to open your eyes to see where you throw your own offspring: a person who has not ask to exist. The post-love you give him is not worth the pre-love you would have had if you had not made that unfortunate child. By the way, what do you call a disabled person by birth? Answer: collateral damage.
It is not your choice, the problem, but it is the constraint that you are exerting on a person whose fabrication you do not even master. It’s not your choice, but his. Did he wish to exist? no of course, we want nothing when we do not exist. Did he desire to be disabled and to suffer all his life for the idea you had of him, the envy you had of him? Of course not, you put it before the fait accompli of life, and he will have to bear it. And if you love him (too late) you will suffer with him, for nothing.
Making a child is a rape on the child. But do not worry free will is a technical impossibility (reason by recurrence since your birth, is it you who activate your neurons? Is your brain something other than a black box?). And we are all innocent to exist (think also of the death penalty!)
We all have the right to be born sane, in good physical health. We all have the right to live in a beautiful place, to have a good life, to live an interesting life, to live very long in good health? At least. Are you able before you make a child to ensure that you will give him what he is entitled to?