Illustration by Matthijs Mali

A small man called Earth

Once a small man called Earth came to travel to far away land. He finally arrived next to the mercury, another small man, but slightly bigger than himself. He was warmly received and quickly gained his spot graciously. Earth might be small, but he got everything he needs. Water, oxygen, soil, and fire. He is powerful in its own way and it made him noticed by the others ‘men’. Even the absolute man, called SUN is agreed to light him for half a day in his daily routine. This small man also has a buddy called ‘moon’ who always follow wherever he goes, but only appear when the sun decided to lighten another ‘men’. Moon is his best friend.

Earth is quite happy with his new discovery of a collective new men. He adores how every man is different in this wonderful ensemble of men. A man called Saturn is even has a huge beautiful ring surrounding himself, without even being a snob to everybody else there. The one called Mars has quite a temper.. But he’s still nice. Jupiter is elegant, while venus is cheerful as a child. Neptune is solitude, even has his dark spots. But he knows when to show them or hide them. Pluto is the farthest of all. He’s got his own unique dynamic on its own. In short, every man claimed their territory to live, but each of them stays in their orbit and mind their own business, without trying to bother others.

One day, Earth suddenly feels quite unbalanced. He got overwhelmed by too many waters, flooding beyond he could possibly imagined. It came near his core, and he catch a blister because apparently the earth became feverish and way to hot. The absolute SUN visited him carefully (so he won’t give him more ‘warmth’ remedy) and noticed that something is not right. The earth became groggy and grumpy. He even got a few tiny explotions here and there, in places where he has been depositing his tantrums every now and then. His soil became dry and infertile. His oxygen became useless and awry. Poor thing!

All those great men were worried about Earth. They wanted to help, but they can’t just leave their territory. If they leave just like that, it will cause problem to the whole “Milky Way”, that’s how they call their structured consequent territory. Everything has causes and consequences. Like sending others flowers, these men send stars as their form of attention to earth. They sent him many lovely stars in form of constellations. Among them there were these astonishing Ursa Major or Larger Bear constellation, and Lyra which came in the form of Lyre. The Larger Bear became a sort of guardian for the earth, and Lyra entertained him once in a while with his beautiful music. Earth is very thankful of these thoughtful presents given by all his friends. He got slowly better over time.

But not even a month after he got better, he catch a severe cold. Almost all the water is gone, and turned into ice. Earth became numb, and in no time he was in the state of below zero level. All the men got so panic. What is possibly happened to Earth?! Is he going to give up this time?

So each of the men sent their best physical materials so try to cure earth. Among them, Uranus sent the finest dust from its ring to soothen the numbing. Mars sent fairly amount of his surface temperament to warm the earth. And collectively they sent out some asteroids and comets to break the ice. It helped, a little. But then the absolute men of all, SUN came and used his solar power to thaw earth. Slowly, Earth is melting away and back to normal and balanced again.

This small man started to be himself again, healthy, rich, colorful, and balanced. All the men are cheering up for his coming back! Earth is obviously being loved by his fellow men and Earth loves them too. Everything is fine until….. Earth is desperately gasping for air! Suddenly there is no more enough oxygen for Earth to breath. All the water, soil, and fire that Earth has were in chaos. Where are the oxygen? Apparently Earth wasn’t aware that the organism who lives on earth has been doing unrighteous things for quite sometime. They were resentfully throwing carbon dioxides to the air.

They were having nuclear wars and firing guns randomly to their fellow organism. They were constantly drilling the earth and taking his core of life. They were burning forests and killing animals cruelly. They were killing each other in the name of Earth.

Earth is in the brink of his death.. And nothing those men can do. Moon could just keep him company. And SUN could only try to give him some warm wind blows from his side. But that doesn’t help much. All the men were desperate, not knowing what to do. They ran out of ideas this time, bad time. And all they can do is wait, staring emptily to the black hole..

Bernadeta Astari

5 October 2017

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