Celebrating Routine

Besancon, France

At the beginning of this week, my boyfriend and I decided to try a new morning routine. We’ve have been feeling quite exhausted every time we have to wake up in the morning. 3–5 time snoozed alarm was almost always the case. We both didn’t like waking up in the morning. Well, my boyfriend is better at it because he has to. He’s got office work which requires him to be there at least at 9 o’clock in the morning. Which I thought was quite beneficial for me since I basically could wake up anytime I want as a freelancer. But that apparently didn’t guarantee at all.

We both like to sleep in the morning, that’s quite clear. We’ve got this radio alarm thing which will immediately on when it is time to wake up. But recently, instead of being awaken by the weird, annoying news (like the shooting in Vegas last time) or some songs of 90’s band like Red Hot Chilli Pepper and that sort of stuff, we just sort of sleeping along with it. We weren’t even bother to push the snooze button anymore! There has never been a drama like coming late to the office or missing my first opera rehearsal with the conductor, whatsoever. But it frustated us. So on monday evening, he came up with the solution: how about waking up at 6:15 in the morning without snoozing and take a walk outside for a half an hour? Before taking the walk, he would first shower for another 15 minutes while I would go directly downstairs and make myself a cup of tea. After our walk, we would then having breakfast together, then if he’s in the mood, we do a 3 minutes headspace mini meditation just to clear up the head. Then he take off to his office and me, I would continue with stretching up and also do my own meditation which last for about 40 minutes altogether. Afterwards I took a fresh shower, and then ready to write!

Oh did I mention that I have been writing routinely, every morning since a about 10 days ago? I found this very effective to balance my mind. I believe that I’m a creative person who needs to ‘create’ every now and then and give birth to my own ideas. As a classical singer, what I basically do is reinterpreting the piece which already written hundreds years ago. Or singing a piece which is written recently by other people. Of course there is also the element on creating in singing other people’s compositions, but only a few percent comparing to writing your own articles or poems. Writing your own stuff is so mind freeing. I guess with writing, I learn to let go plenty of things in my head. I let them sore and take place by itself without being too much controlled. Through writing I could even rediscover my old wounds, which I never realised it’s still there, wide open and still badly bleeding sometimes. Writing is surprisingly healing.

I have been always thinking of how can I build my own routine, my own morning ritual. It’s been quite a battle really, but it seems working out pretty well. And I’m lucky enough to have a boyfriend who is willing to do it as well. Like the expression, “the more the merrier!”. I wonder how long this new routine will go. It feels quite good and liberating so far. But now, let’s just celebrate it!

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