Dear America,

Our national security is under threat. Yes…the world is very tense right now and filled with war, death, and extremism.

But that’s not what I’m talking about. You see….our biggest threat right now…is US. Yes. Ourselves.

We are the threat to our country and the high esteem most of us have always held it in.

When a party is openly putting itself before country, the constitution, what our founding fathers built, and praises foreign dictators more than our American heroes…..and then call themselves “patriots”…..we are in trouble.

When facts and truth are blurry and obscured. When lies become truths and truths become lies. When conspiracy theories become “news” and “non fiction”…so much so….that we’ve become morally bankrupt and ok with this (already) great country of ours being run like a reality tv show.

When those in power and leadership roles can openly taunt and bully people in public…and people cheer and make it ok. Then we wonder why bullying is so rampant in schools and children are taking their lives.

When wealth and greed becomes more important than the lives of those who are sick, our elderly and our children because they’re a “burden” on the healthy. When did we lose sight on the value of a human life?

When the assault on our checks and balances, judicial system, and democracy becomes the “norm” and is met with a blind eye.

When MORE, MORE and MORE is way more important and immediate than the air we breathe, the water we drink, wildlife, and the state of the planet we will leave behind for future generations.

So tell me America, what side of history do you want to be on? Is this really the legacy we want and are willing to leave behind?



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